Leadership Team

NGT BioPharma Consultants Leadership Team

Our team is comprised of drug development industry experts and problem-solvers providing strategic solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. The leadership team works closely with 160+ top-tier consultants and professionals across the entire drug development spectrum.

Michael K. O’Brien, PhD
President & CEO
Mark A. Krook, PhD
Head of Early Drug Development

Daniel Schaufelberger, PhD
Head of Pediatric Center of Excellence
Michelle McGuinness, MS
Head of Non-CMC Regulatory Strategy
Michael Placke, PhD, DABT
Michael Placke, PhD, DABT
Head of Nonclinical Sciences
Rachel Franckowiak, BA
Head of Administration
Malcolm Berry, PhD - Multi-Stage Continuous Processing for APIs
Malcolm Berry, PhD
API Continuous Processing
Michael Placke, NGT Biopharma Consultants
Michael Placke, PhD, DABT
Nonclinical Development
and Drug Safety