NGT BioPharma Consultants Leaders, Professionals and Subject Matter Experts

Our team of biopharmaceutical drug development leaders, industry experts, and strategic thinkers oversees a network of over 180 top-tier consultants whose experience and expertise span the essential drug development disciplines beginning in Late Discovery and encompassing Preclinical and Clinical Development, Commercialization/Launch and Life-Cycle Management.

Michael K. O’Brien, PhD
President & CEO
Mark A. Krook, PhD
Head of Early Drug Development

Mark Buswell, PhD

Head of Digital Services

Daniel Schaufelberger, PhD

Head of Pediatric Center of Excellence
Michelle McGuinness, MS
Head of Non-CMC Regulatory Strategy
Michael Placke, PhD, DABT
Head of Nonclinical Sciences
Rachel Franckowiak, BA
Head of Administration
Malcolm Berry, PhD - Multi-Stage Continuous Processing for APIs
Malcolm Berry, PhD
API Continuous Processing
Michael Placke, NGT Biopharma Consultants
Michael Placke, PhD, DABT
Nonclinical Development
and Drug Safety