Staff Augmentation & FTE Recruitment

Employees, whether full-time or temporary, are the lifeblood of any biopharmaceutical development organization. Yet, identifying and hiring the right talent can be a difficult, costly, and often risky process, while an organizational chart vacancy can result in precious timeline delays and project disruptions.

We understand the criticality of accessing the right talent at the right time because it is the cornerstone of our successful business model. At NGT BioPharma Consultants, we go the extra mile to fully understand your hiring needs before initiating a talent search.


Working in areas with which we are most familiar; NGT applies our well-honed processes are used to rapidly identify and rigorously screen direct hire candidates to provide a shortlist of highly qualified applicants. Our services encompass the following functional areas:

We employ many of the same “tools of the trade” as the leading executive search firms, but with several notable differences and advantages:


While in the process of pursuing permanent staff hires, why not consider an NGT expert to fill the gap on an interim basis? Bringing a temporary specialist onboard to avoid project disruptions not only ensures business continuity but may afford an opportunity for a seamless transition to a permanent employee. This can be an ideal staffing solution, something that we have successfully brokered in the past.

Our network has grown to over 180 highly experienced pharmaceutical scientists, engineers, and other drug development professionals – a deep talent pool that can be drawn upon quickly to fill a client’s regulatory, quality, or technical subject matter expertise gaps.

Whatever your unique situation, NGT BioPharma Consultants will work with you to come up with the solution that best fits your needs.

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